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Title: Arrangement
Fandom: JE
Pairing: Nishikido Ryo/Akanishi Jin
Rating: NC-17: Blowjob. Messy.
Summary: Sometimes there's bathroom sex.
Notes: Written for the Ryo One-Hour Smut Challenge.
Other participants: jackowesklatinyanglanamuanpearljemztoykostorysaturianlovekarinberry

Ryo whispered in Jin's ear out on the dance floor. Jin hid a smile as his arm was grabbed and he was dragged unceremoniously to the men's room.

Ryo didn't waste any time. Once they were in the stall, he had Jin pinned to the wall, and they nearly tripped over each other trying to knock the door shut, fingers fumbling at the lock.

"You should have told me sooner, Akanishi." Ryo dropped his voice as he lapped at Jin's neck.

"You knew. And I told you--ah!" Ryo nipped at Jin's earlobe, and Jin struggled to continue. "I told you last week."

"That you wanted to fuck me, yeah," Ryo growled, pulling aside Jin's collar and grazing teeth over his collarbone. Jin flinched and tried to push Ryo away, but the other man wouldn't be moved. "You're not going to get to."

"I know you're not this much of a bastard, Ryo." Jin was panting, eyes rolled into the back of his head. "Cut it out."

"No. I don't feel like it."

"Is this because I danced with Pi?" Jin looked down at Ryo with heavy-lidded eyes.

"You liked it." Ryo growled. "Stop denying it. You're a slut. Now you're going to do it for me."

"You're--nngh--jealous?" Jin tried to turn away a little, but Ryo put his entire weight against Jin and ground against him.

"No. I'm horny."

"So, what are we doing? Let's go to my place." Jin dropped his head to try to suck on Ryo's neck for reasons he didn't even understand, head swimming and legs weak.

"Here," Ryo said firmly. "Right here, right now."

"Fuck," Jin muttered. He wanted it, too, but the floor was dirty and he was wearing awfully nice--

His train of thought was interrupted as Ryo roughly pressed down on his shoulders, forcing Jin to the floor. "There's a lot of room in here, huh?"

"Ryo, at least be quiet."

"If I feel like it, I will. Just shut up." Ryo was already unbuttoning his pants, but he paused just when Jin was eye-to eye with the bulging front of Ryo's boxers. Ryo grunted for a moment, then ripped off his loosely draped tie. "You deserve this," he said, leaning down and pulling Jin's arms from the wall to behind his back. With amazingly swift movements, he bound Jin's wrists.

Jin didn't know what to think, other than that he was getting hard himself and it made him lightheaded.

"You're not looking too enthusiastic, Jin," Ryo said, rubbing the front of his boxers briefly before slowly pulling his cock out with a grunt.

"Should I be?" Jin cut his eyes at Ryo, feigning irritation, but he couldn't hold it for long. As Ryo started stroking himself, Jin's lips fell open and his breath quickened.

Slowly and--Jin thought--irritatingly, Ryo ran his fingers over his hip bones, everywhere from his belly down, while pumping his other hand up and down. Briefly, Jin tried to pull his hands around to touch himself, Ryo, something, anything, but with a loud curse he remembered that his hands were bound.

Ryo laughed. "Yeah. Sucks, doesn't it?"

"You're the worst," Jin spat. "You know how I get."

"That's why I'm doing this." He reached down and tipped Jin's chin up, grinning at how he stared up in mock defiance. "If you're good, maybe you'll get some, too."

"...Pi would give me some," Jin mumbled.

Ryo moved a little closer, dropping Jin's chin. "Do I look like YamaPi?"

"No. He's hotter."

"Ha." Ryo reached out again and stroked Jin's cheek, presenting his cock to the kneeling man. "You know what to do."

Jin smiled wryly and licked his lips. "And what if I don't want to."

"You want to," Ryo purred, rubbing his thumb along his erection.

Jin made a strangled noise, somewhere between a moan and a whimper, and Ryo pressed the head to Jin's soft, wet lips.

More eagerly than Ryo had anticipated, Jin took him into his mouth. Jin hadn't exactly been practicing but Ryo noticed a difference. "Fuck, you're good at this."

In response, Jin just hummed deep in his throat, sending a shiver through Ryo's body. Raising up on his knees a bit, Jin pulled Ryo's length in more with his tongue and delicate pressure, and pressed his plump lips against Ryo's guiding grip. Ryo threw his head back, and Jin couldn't help but chuckle.

Then, Jin found out just how dirty and sexy Kansaiben could be. As Ryo lost coherency, he dug his other hand into Jin's hair, tugging and pushing, and Jin didn't resist. His tongue swirled around Ryo's cock as he began to move his head up and down, applying just a bit of pressure. He let his bottom teeth scrape just lightly against the warm ridge around the head of Ryo's cock.

Ryo looked down, and Jin looked up. Their eyes met as Jin slurped enthusiastically, grunting with satisfaction in a counterpoint to Ryo's groans. He was rather proud of himself.

He felt Ryo sway, and he knew that his friend was close. Every trick in the book came out of his mouth, licking, sucking, urging Ryo toward completion.

"Fuck," Ryo murmured, gripping Jin's hair tighter. Jin took Ryo in as deep as he could and prepared for the warm stream that would coat the back of his throat.

Then his eyes went wide as Ryo yanked back on his hair, nearly ramming it into the wall. The hand on his cock rapidly finished the job, and he panted in satisfaction as the sticky white fluid covered Jin's face.

Jin sputtered and licked clean what little he could reach with his tongue. "What was that for?" His frustration was betrayed in his voice, both with what Ryo had done and with his painful, contained erection.

Ryo smirked down at Jin as he leaned against the opposite wall, panting. "You're too pretty. I can't have you upstaging my photoshoot."

"At least get me off, too, asshole."

Jin watched and tried not to protest too adamantly as Ryo took his excruciating time cleaning himself up. The sight of the white boxers being pulled up and the jeans being zipped just pissed him off more.

"Don't you dare leave me like this," Jin said.

Ryo put a hand under one of Jin's arms and pulled him up. "It's your own problem now, though."

Jin took the only course he could see and threw his weight against Ryo in retaliation, pinning him to the wall. Ryo laughed again.

With a frustrated groan, Jin began rubbing frantically against Ryo's hip and thigh, using friction to satisfy himself.

"What are you doing?" Ryo whispered in his ear.

"Just trying to finish," Jin mumbled, losing the ability to think as he moved, eyes tightly shut.

"Don't you want to do it with YamaPi on the dance floor again?"

"Fuck him. You'll do. Just let me--" Jin's speech was cut off as his muscles tensed and he came. His forehead hit the wall, but he withdrew it in disgust and dropped his head to Ryo's shoulder instead.

"You're pathetic," Ryo teased. "You're going to be dealing with that all night. And you got it on my shirt."

Jin growled and lifted his head just enough too glare as hatefully as he could into Ryo's eyes. "Your own fault."

Ryo braced a hand behind Jin's back and pulled him in for a slow kiss, tongue slowly tangling with Jin's, and Jin knew he was relishing his own taste in the other man's mouth. Jin was relieved when Ryo tugged the tie free and pushed Jin away slightly, if only so he could scrabble for something to wipe his face off with.

Ryo cried out as Jin chose to use his friend's sleeve as a rag.

"Your own fault," Jin said, grinning. "You screwed up my makeup."

"Oh shut up," Ryo said, making an attempt to deck Jin.

As Jin dodged, he reached for the door. "So, where are we doing it next week?"

"Show up at the concert," Ryo answered, grabbing Jin's ass and shoving him out the door.

"Oi, jerk! It's my turn next time!"

...Jin tried to ignore the stares from the bathroom's other occupants, ducking his head and waving in apology as he sauntered out.

ILU2 BB. Sorry I don't have more icons, but it's a basic. XD
kjajlkafjlkag i love their conversation.

You want to," Ryo purred, rubbing his thumb along his erection.
XD Thanks! I was worried it was too dumb, but hey, if it worked...

(shit, all of fandom is now going to know that this is my bulletproof kink, now)
sdjghkafsdf XDDDDDDD Aren't you GLAD I HATE Jin? XDDDDDDD :*

Hey, I like it, too, or I wouldn't have written it. XD
GUH. ALL THAT DIALOGUE. *_________________* I love exchanges between Ryo/Jin and this just pushed that further. :DDDD TOO AMAZING! <3
Heeee, so it wasn't too much? I was enjoying Ryo's half-affected dirty when I was writing, 'cause I really don't think he IS that much of an asshole but... XD

(Deleted comment)
No dying! Must stay alive for a re-read!
jkasdhfkjhjksfhdjh well that, that's HOT.
also now I know who you are, smut meme-maker xD

(I keep forgetting I have this Jin icon now, and I want to use it)

Yeah, the secret is out~ Shhhh.

That's EXACTLY what Jin was thinking. ;-)
God, I love the exchange between them and d'al;d';alsddsa'l;d everything was so HOT. *____*
I'm glad to hear that you liked it!
jsdf;lajds;fj omg I love dominant Ryo and slutty, defiant Jin. *_____________*
XDDDD Well, good!
The fact that you're pimping this out makes me happy.... in my pants. XD
Yeah? Well, Jin makes me happy in my pants. Glad I can share the joy.

...Or it could just be that I'm feeling neglected and even 'omg ur storee iz hawt' is better than nothing right now.

no... but... seriously... *tries to gather thoughts* Bondage, Control issues, that was so awesome! And Ryo's powerboost from ruining JinJin's oh so pretty face LMAO Thank you so much for this soo soo soo much!!! *prays that there will be more... eventually*

Thanks ♥
.....This is my kind of comment. You're clearly a good person on some level.

Thanks. I can't believe I wrote it in an hour.

I've got a RyoPin in the works but I don't know when I'll finish. Keep your eyes out for it.
OMFG, RyoxJin is great *_________* Freakin' great!!!
Thanks, yo.
Did I mention hot?
Like, crazy hot? ♥

Thanks~ I tried to make it hot?
Haha, glad you liked.

I'll do my best to carry on the fine smut tradition that has been established in this journal.
*splutters and dies*

...Is this manslaughter or murder? :/